Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

State Farm Insurance (Larry Bittle and Jill Nelson) Fayetteville / Earthquake Risks Around the US

Earthquakes and Related Phenomena
(compiled by Gregory Dumond, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas) 

1811-2011 New Madrid Earthquakes Bicentennial
Arkansas Center for Earthquake Education and Technology Transfer
Arkansas Earthquake History
Arkansas Geological Survey - Earthquakes
Central Arkansas 2010-2011 Earthquakes Poster (USGS)
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Earthquake Maps by the Arkansas Geological Survey
Arkansas Seismicity Map
New Madrid Seismicity Map

Enola Swarm Map Area

General Information
Earthquake Prediction (science article by USGS seismologist)
Earthquake-Related Groundmotion Observed by EarthScope USArray Seismometers In North America Only 12 Minutes After The Tragic M8.9 Honshu, Japan, Earthquake (Need QuickTimePro to save to your computer. You will only be able to watch it while connected to the Internet.)
Induced (human caused) Seismicity
Natural Gas Shale Reservoir Development Animation
Regional Earthquake Research Centers (affiliated with the University of Memphis)
Shale Gas, Energy, and the Environment (Time article by Bryan Walsh)
Underground Injection Wells ( wells commonly used in the oil and natural gas industry)
United States National Seismic Hazard Map

US Government Earthquake Info The main effort by top US government earthquake scientists (like Dr. Ross S. Stein at the USGS) is to understand the physics of earthquakes and how that information can be used to provide the best possible seismic hazard assessments and forecasts.

2004 Sumatra tsunami
Haiti One Year Later (A thought-provoking photo essay)
Tsunami preparedness